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About Domain Age Checker

In simple terms, “domain Age” refers to the quantity of time throughout which a site call has existed. It tells how vintage a domain name is.

So as an example, if a site name changed into registered in 2010, the area age may be 10 years by using 2020.
And what is a website name? It's the URL of a website, just as

use this tool smartly with "Smartybe" as we are trying to do so far :).  if you're looking to Buy a domain from Godaddy, Namecheap etc registrar and there are many domain which someone already used  and got expired as they're not need now but Google knows about that website. Google keep some history about that domain and if in eyes of google that Domain names have some authority before that expire, you'll going to get advantage when you publish any new post next time.

Google think, oh! let's rank it higher because domain has already high authority in Google search engine